Flashback Friday…because I am missing my dad …:)

Life With My Sunshines

Now Presenting………………………….

Aadya’s Nanu

Sorry to keep you guys waiting.. first day was a teaser..Then I got busy..organising n reorganising.. getting rid of boxes 🙂
So, finally Aadya’s Nanu is here 🙂 I am just so happy and excited.. I dont even know what to write. So,my dad started on 23rd late nigt,24th early morning. The flight was late and diverted..So,he came via Manchester,UK..arriving 3 hours late at JFK airport.Luckily he managed to clear security and immigration in record time for his connecting flight to Dallas.I was on the phone constantly with him and the sister. Shed some tears with sister..coz she would be lonely..dont ask me the logic-guess its the sister thing.
DH had meetings all day..The original plan was for me to take a cab.Then he decided to attend 2 meetings by phone. And we all went to welcome My dad . He was just so excited to…

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