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find us at Life With My Sunshines 🙂
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Flashback Friday…because I am missing my dad …:)

Life With My Sunshines

Now Presenting………………………….

Aadya’s Nanu

Sorry to keep you guys waiting.. first day was a teaser..Then I got busy..organising n reorganising.. getting rid of boxes 🙂
So, finally Aadya’s Nanu is here 🙂 I am just so happy and excited.. I dont even know what to write. So,my dad started on 23rd late nigt,24th early morning. The flight was late and diverted..So,he came via Manchester,UK..arriving 3 hours late at JFK airport.Luckily he managed to clear security and immigration in record time for his connecting flight to Dallas.I was on the phone constantly with him and the sister. Shed some tears with sister..coz she would be lonely..dont ask me the logic-guess its the sister thing.
DH had meetings all day..The original plan was for me to take a cab.Then he decided to attend 2 meetings by phone. And we all went to welcome My dad . He was just so excited to…

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For your dose of sunshine…

find us at Life With My Sunshines 🙂
Hope to see you there !

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Trying to make a comeback :)

Life With My Sunshines

Again!! Despite my best intentions,another month has rolled by and I haven’t had chance to keep up with blogging.
I have minimised my facebook time,but I still end up blogging in my head most of the times.On other times,I am just too tired. Seriously,I doff my hat to the mums who work full-time 5 days a week.I work part-time,3 days a week and still fall behind in housework,in just about everything. Some days I am so tired that even keeping up with the kids chatter is a big deal.Cooking seems like a chore..Now,I L.O.V.E. cooking and when it seems like a chore,its not a good feeling.
So,I have come up with a strategy(LOL!! I think I have!)The plan is to stick to quick healthy/wholesome meals on the days that I work.Quick and wholesome being the keywords.And on my days-off,I can plan something more elaborate.So far we have done pizzas,sandwiches,pulav on…

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Separate Rooms..

Its a big step..for the girls and for us. I had moved the girls into one room.They slept there for a while and then my cousin and her family visited and stayed with us for a couple of weeks.We moved in with the girls,to accomodate the visitors.But,after they left,we were too lazy to move back into our own room. 

This long weekend,along with all other exciting things,we set up the girls’ rooms. Yes,separate rooms for them both. Just very functional at the moment..but atleast,its doing the job


That’s Aadya’s room :

And that’s Ananya’s :

The toys have been moved here,because according to Aadya,she is not a baby and doesn’t want any Ananya’s barging into her room to play with the toys!


I still need to add rugs and night lamps etc..but like I said,its functional.
Oh and Nanya still slept with me last night.. she I we are not ready to let go of each other..just yet 😀

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Nanya got to have a real Babycino today..actually no two Babycinos.I have mentioned before how she is lactose-intolerant.When we first moved to Australia,I used to take Aadya to little cafes and we’d spend a nice hour or so there,drinking coffees and babycinos,coloring pictures,talking.When Ananya turned one,I wanted to the same things with her.But,cow’s milk and soy milk made her sick.So that didn’t work.Today,I went to a cafe,and I had her milk in the car.I asked them if they’d make a babycino for us,with her milk and they said, they served lactose-free milk. OMG!I was so excited.I ordered one for Ananya!The joy on her face,when she got her own drink in a paper cup-Oh!!Priceless!I had to order her another one,because I was as excited as she was 🙂

There’s my precious girl with her two babycinos and the headless boy cookie 🙂

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Dusting the cobwebs…

…off my virtual home 🙂
Today is my first kid-free day 🙂 The girls are at school and daycare and I am not at work.I have a lot of housework to catch up on but I think all that can wait,I NEED to blog today. I resisted facebook also for a while,but I am addicted and I have no shame in saying that 😀

Anyway,how are you all? Its been so long..I am well,we are all well- I think we are sort of adjusted to our new lifestyle 🙂 Daycare drop offs are still tearful,but atleast now there are two carers that Anan loves and so when they are in the room,I can walk out happy,inspite of her tears.She walks up to them,hugs them/sits on their laps and waves a teary goodbye.But I know she settles with them quickly.Today,when I dropped her,she was the same,but her favorite carer,was asking her about her toys-She took two Smurfs and a Koala to daycare today.LOL! yes,she likes to keep her hands full..some days for school pickup,she takes along 3 DVDs or two Koalas or 3 chipmunks..Don’t ask!!!
As for Aadi..*sigh* She is growing up soo quickly..she reaches up to my shoulder and will soon be taller than me.Yesterday,she had a birthday party to go to and she wrapped her friend’s present herself and so neatly too.She wants to learn how to crochet and gets mad at me if I don’t have the time to teach her.She is so insightful and understands reason now..We went to the zoo,sometime during the Easter break and on our way out the girls were picking soft toys. The first one Aadya picked up was $35. I told her,if she gets that,she will not get another toy that she was waiting for a long time,because $35 is too expensive. So,she went around the store,and found the cheapest was $5 but,I was so proud of her for understanding the value of money.Not once did she fret that Ananya got something else,a bigger softie.In her words,she is so little,she doesn’t understand Money!
Right now,she is saving up for a jumper and just needs $5 to make up the total.She does chores,to earn her money.I offered to give  her the extra $5 and she said,”But that would be cheating”.SP(formerly known as SD) and I just look at her in awe,most of the time and wonder..WOW! We created her!.and then she has her whining fit and then we look at her and wonder,”WOW!We created her???”
Speaking of SP,he has started a new job and is quite excited about all the new responsibilities..He is a workaholic and the busier gets,the happier he is.
Before I stop,I have to share this :
Last night,after we tucked the girls in bed-
Anan : Elsa,Wake up Elsa 
Aadi : What is it,Oona? I told you I can’t play with you .

Yup! My girls have got the Frozen-fever. 
I better stop now and make the most of kid-free day..xoxo

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