A random Tuesday post..

I am trying get back on the blogging bandwagon..so you have to suffer through these random posts 🙂 Please bear with me.. I promise,it will get better or you’ll just get used to it..:P

This morning was really nice.. do you know why?Well,it was because we were ready and out of the door at 8:30 am..like everyday,but today,I didn’t have to yell! Aadi woke up without any drama and finished her breakfast and was dressed up well before 8am and then,she played quietly,so as to not wake up her sister.
After dropping her at school,Nanhi and I headed off to the medical center,for my blood-test.We came home,had brekky and then,Missy Moo,decided to take a nap.In the mean-time,I had a shower,finished cooking lunch.This is what we ate for lunch today 🙂
Stir-fried Paneer,broccoli and bok choy with steamed rice tempered with garlic and dried red chilies.. yummm.
Ohh and more than anything else,I finished this beanie for Ms.Anan
And then spent the rest of the day fighting with her!!!So that she would keep it on 😦
She kept it on for all of 2 minutes..:( I am hoping that she will warm up to it(fingers crossed).
More later..its 9:45pm and she still awake..she went to bed at 7:30 and woke up an hour later,so refreshed!

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3 Responses to A random Tuesday post..

  1. Ekta kaur says:

    Love these random posts so keep them coming :).

  2. Coming here after long time and this post did make me smile wide. Lunch looks colourful and delicious. beanie is pretty and it looks prettier when Ananya is wearing 🙂

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