Day 9

I fell asleep,with the iPad in bed…last nite I went to bed with interesting bed- mates!!! My iPad,my kindle and my phone for the alarm and my sweetness, Babychino!

SD and I have decided to divide and rule! Rule what? You ask… Our house..which has been taken over by the girls…do you know how long it has been since him or I slept flat on our back or tummy for the whole night?? Lol! I don’t even remember!! We bring Babychino to our bed sometime around 1 or so, because that’s when her dream feeds begin..and Babushka creeps in sometime after that… And then, they both spread out on the bed and we are like two safety- rails on the side!!!

So for now, SD n Babs have moved to the guest room and BabyC and I in the master…..  Sigh…the things you do for sleep….er … Your children:)

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