33 Weeks and counting….

Sooo,I didn’t want to just disappear…but the crazy universe conspired and I had to stay away from you lovelies..:(
After this day,I spent every alternate day in bed or at the Dr.’s office or the hospital.To add to it,my laptop crashed..yet again!
So,I will spare you the gory medical details..except one..that is a torn abdominal muscle,which I JUST CANNOT FORGET OR IGNORE..coz it hurts sooo bloody much…when I cough,walk,get up,lie down..pretty much all the time..So,you see,I can’t not talk about it!LOL! And before you ask..no there is not much I can do about it..It will heal itself a few weeks after delivery..so yayy!
Ohh and now that you have sent some love and hugs my way,let me give you a reason to go Awww..:) We got to see the baby again 🙂 last Saturday.We even got a profile picture of Babykins and I think S/he looks like SD.. and he thinks S/he looks like me..:) But Babushka doesn’t care.. according to her,Babykins looks just like HER!LOL! The Ultrasound tech told us that the baby has a head full of hair! When Babs was born,everyone in the hospital,couldn’t stop gushing over her hair..:D And both SD and I love babies born with a full head 🙂 Lets see how accurate the ultrasound is.
Thanks to the multiple complications going on,currently,I need to go for weekly monitoring,which is actually quite reassuring..and hopefully,next week,when I see the OB,we’ll have a date for my scheduled C-sec..:)
If you are still reading,I think,I should ask you,how have you been? Please tell me,you have had a more exciting time than I did:)

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20 Responses to 33 Weeks and counting….

  1. Bikram says:

    I dont know what to say 🙂 I hope you get up and well very sooon .. and good to hear about the baby doing great .. and hers wishing you and everyone in family all the best ..
    Do take care and LEts hear the good newssssss sooonest ….

  2. get well soon! and i also think Babykins looks like Babushka

  3. Comfy says:

    Oh 3 more weeks. That is the important thing right. I know things hurt and everything is crazy right now but but 3 more weeks.

    Hang in there. And hugs till then 🙂

  4. meenamenon says:

    Cmon can anything be more exciting than hving a gmimpse of the baby **TouchWood**. N hv a safe delivery… t

  5. R's Mom says:

    Even R was born with a headful of hair! wow…so exciting..praying for you and hoping all will be perfect…you will let us know na..please ask SD to post a quick post on whether the baby’s he/she and that both of you are doing well okie? *dancing in excitment of a new birth*

  6. Chatterbox says:

    I can so very well understand your pain and even the moments of joy, for I too have been going through something similar (though not exactly same 😦 )
    Take care of yourself dear

  7. Swaram says:

    I have been good Trish 😛
    Pls take care and hope that pain eases soon. Hugs and I agree with Babushka – ofocurse, Babykins looks like her 😉

  8. Priyanka says:

    OMG! A torn muscle?! How did you manage to get that? 🙂 I hope you feel better soon Sweets.
    Its so exciting, I can’t wait to see your 2nd one !

    • ohh apparently the abdominal muscles split to accomodate the uterus..:P but this just happened randomly!!I cant wait to see the 2nd one too:D will u join the club soon?

  9. Swati says:

    wow ..33 weeks already 🙂 Ofcourse S/he will loook like his/her sis 🙂 Wish you all the best ! keep us posted

  10. Congrats SM, I was busy and couldn’t drop here on time.. Take care and looking forward to see the little one..

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