Laptop issues:(

Hi Everyone,hope you had a great Easter break.We did!and now Babushka is back in Kinder! I have so many things to write-but they have to wait:( my laptop crashed and regular posting will resume after I get it back:) hopefully soon! Drive test coming up in less than two weeks n I am freaking out! Will reply to comments once the laptop is back-I m going blind trying to read comments on my iPhone. More later,till then, be good my lovelies;)

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8 Responses to Laptop issues:(

  1. We have been missing you..Hope to see you soon..Good luck with the Driving test..

  2. Swaram says:

    Oh ho!
    Gud luck for the driving test 🙂

  3. Writerzblock says:

    No more school hols please!!!!!!!!! I am tired!!! Hope your lappy gets well soon.

  4. R's Mom says:

    So are you getting a new lappie?

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