We won…

We won the Artsy-Craftsy challenge Feb2010..The theme was paper-craft.Thanks for voting..:)
And Shruti thanks for organising the contest.

The theme for this month is Puppets..If you have any ideas and would like to participate,hop over to Here and read the rules.

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14 Responses to We won…

  1. Shruti says:

    🙂 Congrats.. Do mail me ur address again if u don’t mind.

  2. monishikha says:

    Hey , congrats on the win!

  3. Congratulations 😀

  4. Goofy Mumma says:

    YAY! Congrats. Both of you love this stuff so much, you had to had to win, Congrats.

  5. Kavya says:

    wow. Congrats.. You deserve it..

  6. Swaram says:

    Congratulations Trish . that ws an awesome entry 🙂

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