She did it!

Aadya finally managed to take wobbly 2- steps! and Again..I,a mom who wants to stay-at -home so that she doesnt miss all this,missed it!
But I am just so happy,she did it!
Will write more when I see it !
For now,Aadya took her first two steps.
You go,baby!

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10 Responses to She did it!

  1. Mona says:

    ALRIGHT!!omg, trish, can you believe your little one will be walking soon? i can’t. i think i might cry with hana’s first steps. aadya’s first have got me all emotional.give her my love, and you can have some for yourself too 😉

  2. rayshma says:

    u need to hang ur cam arnd ur neck… and shoot it the next time! 🙂

  3. ddmom says:

    congratulations sweety!

  4. Anitha(nikki's mom) says:

    Way to go Aadya!

  5. 2 B's mommy says:

    yay! congratulations for the first steps !!

  6. karmickids says:

    Pics please, pics please…

  7. Swati says:

    She is a speedstar !!!

  8. Kodi's Mom says:

    but she’s only 8 months!!! ultra cool 🙂

  9. noon says:

    Wow – only 8m old and she already took her first steps!!! Incredible! Very fast!!! Congratulations on a big mile stone!!

  10. mnamma says:

    Congratulations on the huge milestone 🙂 superb!!!

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