We are back-

With lots of news and updates.
First things first,Aadya can stand up now, independently, hands free for a good 5-30 seconds. She has been trying to stand up for the last week or ten days.. holding onto furniture or other stuff and finally did it today! The excitement on her face was worth a million bucks and more. And since I am a mom,I have the right to brag..and since you have been a part of her life and keep coming back here to read about her..you have to read my brags:)So, she was on the floor,playing.Slowly she went down on all fours and then picked up one hand and then the other.. and stood up for about 5-10 seconds before flopping on her butt!
But it was just so cute! And the look on her face-Priceless!
And I now have a new name..two actually- Mimmi and Mamma! 🙂 Yes, sometime during the ILs visit, Aadya started calling me Mimmi,when she needed me,after having had her share of grandparent-ly love.. and then, sometime after came Mamma! Ahhhhhhhh..I am on 7th heaven!
ILs visit was great..They were both overjoyed to see Aadya..and Aadya was happy to have new people to play with. She took to her Dadu almost instantly…crawling up to him tugging at his pajamas even calling him and chewing off his nose at every chance that she got. Time with dadi was ok too.. but she didn’t like dadi’s louder voice and constant hugs n kichchis..:) Every time poor Dadi tried to kiss her..forcefully she would scream!LOL!! Dadi would scream back to be heard.. and the little monster would scream even louder..
Playing with dada-dadi was fun only till mamma was sitting in one place..or was in her line of sight..so most of the time,poor dadu spent his time standing by the kitchen door..holding Aadya ofcourse.
Diwali was wonderful.Dada-Dadi arrived two days before Diwali,loaded with gifts for Aadya. Dadi sewed Aadya’s outfit and we got lots of diwali yummies too. Aadya happily welcomed them at the airport and even readily went to them. I wanted everything to be perfect for Aadya’s first Diwali. ofcourse perfection was what I remembered from my childhood. And I was happy and content at the end of the day..I did everything that I thought or remembered-right from rangoli to lunch naivaidya to laxmi puja. I prepared the traditional maharastrian fare- Puri,potato bhaji,masale bhaat, koshimbhir, bhajiya ,papad and kheer!
Next day for Padva,We did Aadya’s Aarti and gave her a walker,as a gift.She seems to like it a lot..It sure does buy me a few extra minutes in the shower. We had DH’s colleague and his wife over dinner.It was their first Diwali after marriage..and I didn’t think it was fair that it went uncelebrated. So,they became a part of our celebrations 🙂
Between trips to the malls and Walmart,and time with Aadya,the ILs trip came to an end-short and sweet. I am glad,I did my best to make things as happy as possible for everyone concerned.
Silver Lining- ILs gifted me a sewing machine.I was planning to buy one for a long long time,but for some reason or other,it just never happened.MIL had heard me talk about it last time too..and this time again.So,when I found a good deal for Black Friday,they just gave me the money 🙂

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5 Responses to We are back-

  1. Mona says:

    yay aadya!and hey, you can sow?i’ve been meaning to make hana a quilt forever. but i’m always starting projects that i can’t finish, so this one’s on hold.

  2. rayshma says:

    u intend to use the sewing machine also, rite?! hehee… i’m pretty useless that ways!! but i love hand-made stuff.. my maasi used to make amazing quilts for my nieces when they were littler! she’s promised to make them for my kid whenever as well! 😀 i LOVE the pics!!! u shud put her walker pic as d DP on ur blog.. it’s awww so adorable!!! this is getting too long for a comment… think am gonna mail u! 😀

  3. AP says:

    Welcome back. Missed you here. Way to go Aadya. Lovely pictures and lovely outfits… lovely festive times 🙂

  4. Anitha(Nikki's mom) says:

    Good to see you back. Sounds like you had a nice hoilday and diwali. WOW! Aadya stands by herself!? she is growing fast.

  5. Trishna says:

    Mona- I learnt some sewing in craft classes at school.. thats about it..rest is all..experiments.:) I keep starting and not finishing projects too..Finished aadya’s blankie,coz DH challenged me!Rayshma-Hopefully by the time you have kids,I will be good at sewing-then I can send some handmade stuff for the munchkins 😛 What say?AP-Thanx girl,Always a pleasure to hear from you :)Anitha- Thanx :)how are you ?

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