Rocking and tagging

Yes,I rock!-says Kiran and Boy! does the sound of that please me!! Yessirieeee it does!

The girl bit sure does the trick,specially when you are getting used being called and looked at as MOM!Ahem, and she also called me adorable!!yayyyyyyyyyyy (screaming like a girl! ):) and blushing too!

Seriously,I first started this blog to write about my feelings and experiences as a soon-to-be mom.That first comment from Tharini made me want to write more.The challenge was to get in the groove,to get started. Those first few posts were just something to start with.Then,I started writing about my pregnancy and then slowly moved on to day-to-day accounts of life.I know sometimes,it may be boring, but all you guys have been sweet enough to read through and even take the time to comment.

And then, slowly the blog became my baby,a very very important part of my life, and I started blogging in my mind.Anything interesting happened and I would blog about it in my mind then and there and then write here.:)I wrote here about things that bothered me,made me happy-everything.The warm welcome my dad received from you guys was just fantastic. And now,I find myself wondering about the little kiddies and their mommies..sometimes I wonder what their real names,not that it matters.. sometimes I picture their funny antics-the pictures painted by your words are just so clear.

This blog is as much a part of my anything else.I know you know what I mean 🙂 I am just so happy you take the time to read and leave a comment. And its because of you,that today I can proudly say this is post number 100 ( *Not counting the picture post before this). Thanks for all the love and motivation ,guys. And Lurkers- Calling out to you again, please, stop by, say Hi..leave a comment..:) make my day!

And since I must pass on this award,I lovingly pass it on to-
AP-Girl,you are truly an inspiration for me.Love you and your little girls (I am not linking her up,because she is still private)
2 b’s mommy – For the brave and happy front she is putting up
The DotMom -For her beautiful writing -Girl you floored me with you beautiful love story!
Timepass – For giving us all something to smile about and because I really thought you were just out of college or still in college..That surely qualifies you to be a Rocking girl!
And Last but not the least- You!- to all you guys -For being there! And DH, sweetheart- Lemme just edit the award to read The Rocking Guy!

And now for the tag- The Engagement story tag- I did this bit,a little while back,for DH’s birthday 🙂 ,as a special birthday gift to him.Here’s our engagement story,enjoy!

Next month we complete 4 years of married life :)-Knock on the wood-NOW!

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7 Responses to Rocking and tagging

  1. Shobana says:

    Congrats. You absolutely rock and for that you deserve this award. Oh…BTQ congrats on the 100th post.

  2. mnamma says:

    Congrats Trishna! You rock girl 🙂 Wishing you many many more awards like this!

  3. DotMom says:

    congrats! trishna, you are so a rocking girl!Thanks for passing it on to me… I am flattered you thnk I am a girl and rocking 🙂

  4. DotMom says:

    congrats! trishna, you are so a rocking girl!Thanks for passing it on to me… I am flattered you thnk I am a girl and rocking 🙂

  5. rayshma says:

    congrats! on the century… 🙂 and i hadn’t read ur engagement story… read and loved it..:)

  6. AP says:

    awwwww Trish. What a sweet sweet gesture. I am honored. Really. Thanks a bunch.

  7. 2B's mommy says:

    Congrats Trishna ! And I can’t believe that you think I am ‘Rocking Girl Blogger’. I clicked on the link to make sure that you are indeed talking about ME !Thanks muchly for passing it on to me – I am honoured.

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