Two New Headers!

So,I have been cribbing to everyone who would care to listen about how I want a new header and a new template for my blog. Every time someone put up a new template,I would turn green with envy,look for new templates,experiment on dummy blogs and fail miserably..yes yes..laugh all you like..but that’s how it happened!

And then,this morning,I was down in the dumps-My dad just left over the weekend,its raining since morning,the sky is so overcast,it already feels like evening.And then,Lovely Tharini came to my rescue with this cute header..She even went to the trouble of finding the perfect template to go with it :)Incidentally,It was Tharini’s blog that I first read and decided to start blogging.

Thanks,Gal!I owe you one!

The other new Header..err..Head is my very own.I got myself a brand new haircut.Last weekend,after much debates and discussions,DH booked me up in this rather cool impressive looking Salon.Debates ad discussions-Dad and DH loved me in my long hair and tried their best to convince me not to cut it.Anyway,we went to the mall.I headed into the salon,while my dad,bro and DH baby-sat Aadya.Once there I got the royal treatment-Shampoo,head-massage, conditioner,cut and styling,the works. Sure is royal treatment,if you are getting it done after 1 and a half years! The stylist made me feel at ease instantly and for a change was willing to listen to what I wanted done to MY hair. Finally I got rid of the layered cut.I was tired of it after sporting it for more than 2 years. I leave you with Before and After pics!



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17 Responses to Two New Headers!

  1. Tharini says:

    Trishna….all the sidebar widgets have shifted to the bottom. Dunno how to rectify it. 😦 Can someone help?

  2. Trishna says:

    I am trying to figure that too..Thats what happenned to MM’s blog..will ask S to take a look 🙂

  3. Shobana says:

    You look hot in the new hairdo…I like this one better than the other. I need a new look for my blog too…help, please. A nice looking template…Shobana

  4. Parul says:

    nice haircut, nice template!!well done, stylist n tharini!!

  5. AP says:

    lovely lovely lovely!!!!Hair cut is always so refreshing and mood boosting 🙂 Enjoy. You look fab.

  6. AP says:

    Oh the lovely lovely lovely was for the new header and template! and Yes, – for your new hair cut as well!!

  7. rayshma says:

    try editing the html… u’ll have to read thru it & place them where u want them. me changed my template recently too… :)and heyy, d “after” u looks hotter! 🙂

  8. DotMom says:

    like your new header and head:) the haircut looks awsome…about widgets.. I am sure you have done this, but can you cut them out and paste them again in the sidebar? or perhaps it is the stylesheet that causing them to go at the bottom?

  9. Tharini says:

    Dotmom : I’m quite sure its the stylesheet too, cos I tried the copy pasting thing and it didn’t work. Any recos? Not very good with CSS.

  10. Trishna says:

    Now it looks fine,Tharini, did you figure it out? I think wot rayshma says that might work.. editing the code.

  11. Trishna says:

    The only way,I can see the widgets when I try to view individual posts. Wonder why?

  12. Random Vignettes says:

    nice nice nice….love your new header..and your haircut looks vibrant and bouncy…:)

  13. Trishna says:

    Thank you Thank you.. now I am positively blushing…:) Shobana,Rayshma..I kinda expected comments like..Cool,awesome etc.. but Hot!! LOL you made my days 🙂 I am walking around with a big head!!LOLDotMom,Rayshma-Thanx for the tips.I havent had a chance to try anything still..will let u know how it goes.Tharini-Thanx again for trying :)Random vignettes- welcome back

  14. Sue says:

    I think your new look is very low maintenance. Hope I’m right, cos if so, that is what we are all looking for these days, na?Who has the time to blow-dry and set when running after babies?

  15. Trishna says:

    Sue-So true.. This is how it looks when its airdried..and when I want something special..i can blow-dry it..I hope! 🙂

  16. karmickids says:

    *Wolfwhistle* You looking good girl….

  17. Trishna says:

    Kiran -*Blushing!!*

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