Middle Name tag

I was tagged by Timepass and Anitha to do this tag.

Here are the rules-

The three rules to be followed are:

  • a) The rules must be mentioned in the beginning of the tag.
  • b) You must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.
  • c) At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

My middle name before marriage was my dad’s name and now its my husband’s name..so instead of playing favorites..I will just use my own name and complete this tag with that.

T- T is for teacher. My mom and both grandmoms were teachers. I followed in their footsteps and had my own teaching stint for about 8-9 months and loved it! T is also for Toronto, where we first moved as Newly-weds.So,that is one special place for me. T is also for Thane( a city near Mumbai),and that’s where my mayka(father’s home) is..so obviously,my eyes start twinkling at the mere mention of the place.

R-R is for reading and I am a total reading buff. At any given time,there is atleast 1 book that I am reading. I feel incomplete with my books. I have to read before bed and in pre-baby days…any free time through out the day was spent reading.Even now,I try.. but most days, either am too tired.. or if aadya is in a playful mood,I just put the book down to play with her. R is also for romantic, and as you can tell from my posts,I am a mush bag.

I -I is for India,where I belong.I am just waiting to end this “abroad” stint and go back to India and settle down.Love all things Indian and am proud to be an Indian. I is also for Ice-cream..yumm yumm..my favorite is chocolate icecream. I is also for Ink..I fondly remember the day I started writing with an ink-pen..It made me feel so grown up.

S- S is the first letter of DH’s name and it is also the first letter of my nickname. S is for Shona- which is what DH& I call each other. S is for Sitaphal(Custard Apple) which is my favorite fruit. My parents first home had so many sitaphal trees.. we used to have a ball eating these yummies.

H- H is for house. And I am driving DH nuts about buying a house..big or small. H is also for husband- And I am nuts about mine. He is the sweetest man ever..sometimes he can be hot-tempered..but most of the times when I lose my head, he is calm..what more could a girl ask for.H is also for Dr.Hlavacek,my OB-GYN…she was just perfect.

N – N is for Nasik. And I was born in a small town,called Devlali, a few miles away from Nasik city.N is also for NAPS. And I love my naps. I can sleep anytime time of the day. I can take a nap, right after breakfast..thats how much I love my naps.

A- A is for Aadya,my firstborn! She is the love of my life…If you have been reading this blog for some time.. you already know that! A is also for Ashwini..If I was not named Trishna,I would have been Ashwini.. Thank God, it reminded my mom of Ashwini Kumar, some actor then.. and I was named Trishna… So, here I stop writing about the tit-bits of my life.

And I tag-

T- Tharini

R-Rbdans and Rayshma

I- Boo for creating Indian Mommies


H-I will copy Parul’s idea here.. and take a step back and tag G- Gauri

N- Nm
A- new mom Asha
Get busy girls.

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8 Responses to Middle Name tag

  1. rayshma says:

    heyy… thx! 🙂 sure will get to this one… soon! 🙂

  2. Timepass says:

    Great..Which Mumbaikar’s eyes will not twinkle at the mention of the city/suburbs!!! Me too Me tooLet me wish you in advance for ur house..Let DH that Aadya wants a house!! He will surely buy a house then…

  3. ~nm says:

    Hey girl! I have already been tagged on this number of times and I did the tag (somewhat).Thanks for thinking about me and tagging me! I feel on cloud nine 🙂

  4. DotMom says:

    you are from nasik? me too me too.

  5. Timepass says:

    U have been awarded!! Do visit my blog to pick up the same

  6. ddmom says:

    You were a teacher too.. I taught for few months before my first job. Loved it and wish to do it again sometime in this life span.

  7. choxbox says:

    nice read. 🙂 at the sitaphal bit – hubby and i argue for ages about it – he insists it is called ‘shareefa’ and sitaphal is actually something else!

  8. Trishna says:

    Rayshma- Looking forward to reading yours.Timepass- Thanx for the award.I am so flattered! and thanx for wishes for the house,dearieNm- Ohh I am so emabarassed now.. first MM,and Parul and now u.. I swear I looked 🙂 But I am glad,I made you happy.Dotmom- Really? Wowie!!I am so glad to meet another nasik gal.DDmom-I loved it too.. and I wish to teach again someday.Choxbox-Welcome.Yes,I have had that debate too..but still call is Sitaphal!

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