My 6 month old

My Baby Girl turned 6 months old on September 30th. I can’t believe its 6 months already. This time instead of writing about my 6 month old,I decided to write to her.
This one’s for you ,baby girl…

Hey Sweetheart,
You are 6 months old now..and though Mamma is a little late in writing this letter,she has been writing and re-writing this in her mind ever since you turned 1 month old. This month,we celebrated your 6 month b’day with your Nanu and Sahil Mama. It was a very happy day for all of us.. Mamma and Papa are so happy and proud to see the way you are growing. We gave you a present ,a new toy( your gift from Aunty V). Its Baby Goal from Fischer Price and you love it..
Last month,right after you turned 5 months old, we moved from Phoenix.. your first home.And as I was packing,I found your baby clothes..your newborn clothes. And it suddenly struck me, how tiny you were. That tiny Tee with sleeves that can be folded over your that you wont scratch yourself,that tiny hat,baby yellow with a pink ribbon,just the right size for a doll.You were a little doll. You are little doll even now.. and my love, you are getting prettier by the day.
Every time I look at you,my heart is filled up with so much love.. I feel its going to burst. Every time you smile,it tugs at my heart a little .. and when you look at me so loving,and touch my face with those tiny hands,I feel my life is complete.. I don’t think..I can love anyone else so much .. Or more importantly..I don’t think Anyone else Can love me much more!You can sit independently now, for longer periods.In fact since the day that you started sitting, you don’t want to lie down.Even when I try to put you down,to change your diaper,you prop yourself on your elbows and try to sit up.
When I watch you sit,I feel so proud, so happy.. so so happy and almost every single time I find myself wondering.. when did you grow up so much. It was just yesterday that I was in the hospital for a test and they said we were having the baby that night. The Baby!
Everyone had tried to scare us that it wouldn’t be easy taking care of a newborn..then, why didn’t we feel scared? Why,then, did it feel so natural to hold you? How did you just fit in so beautifully in our family picture? Why,then, do I love that first picture so much,despite being all bloated up?
A little over a year ago,when we found out that I was pregnant..I was ecstatic..But never ,in my wildest dreams, could I have imagined that that joy was nothing compared to what I would feel when I held you the first time.
They said, “you life changes when you have a baby”.. but we were so ready for that change..that we were actually looking forward to it. Not the sleepless nights at first.. nor the pumping..but then..just when I was totally frustrated.. you would look up at me and smile. When I was hurt and frustrated about giving you the bottle, you would gaze at me non-stop.. and then I knew.. nothing else mattered.
You are growing up so fast..(knock on the wood-yes baby,Mamma is superstitious) sometimes,I feel if I blink,you would have grown up a little.You are trying to crawl and stand both at the same time! Everyone keeps telling will just start walking instead of crawling..:) Let’s wait and watch.
You are so generous with your smiles..if you like someone,you instantly smile at them..If you are unsure about someone,you wait..keep looking at them.. and then slowly and tentatively give them a shy smile.And God Forbid..If you don’t like someone.. or when you don’t want to be just look at them and scream!!You start crying, and we see precious,fat tears rolling down your chubby cheeks! aww.. how that hurts me. If I am busy and Papa is watching you, and you are crying,because he is late in picking you up..I get mad at him..for making my angel cry. And if you are with me.. and he sees you crying.. whether its because you don’t want to lie down or if you are just irritated.. Papa gets angry..with me for making his Princess cry. Hmmm,I wonder, who will the toughie here?When you cry,you babble.. mummma…mmmammmmaa…And then,I never want to let go of you..ever!
Your Papa says, you look like me..the phrase he likes to use is ” Woh tumhari Parchchai hai”(It literally means-she is your shadow) but he really means it as reflection. And what it does to my heart.. ahhh.
Oh, my baby, where did you learn to hug and kiss with so much affection.. and how do you know just when mamma is feeling low..that you hug her and make it all better.And just when I am about to deposit you on the floor , you hug me so tight..that I happily forget about my back that is killing me..and gladly carry you around.Love you so much.
We started feeding you solids..and you loved it the first few days..loved sitting in your brand new highchair too! And I always feel,the color green is really flattering for you.. and so I obviously love the way you look in that high chair. You were so excited to sit there the first few days, that you happily gulped up everything that I fed you.. and now you just don’t want to sit there for more than 5 mins..I am just hoping its because you are sick. The only thing that hasn’t changed over these months is that you cant tolerate hunger.. when you are need dudu..period! no dillydallying.. nothing works!
You are getting so interactive..showing us your joy,pleasure, distinctly. You know what you want..I am hoping..that means you are going to be a strong-minded girl. My beautiful,loving,strong-minded girl!
My baby girl..when I watch you sit and play happily with your toys or try to stand up..I remember the time when we had to cradle your head.. support that delicate neck..even now,when I want to relive those days,I cradle your head and it makes me feel so mushy.When you are trying to cruise around,and fall flat on the floor, I resist the urge to run and pick you up, ..instead,I try and distract you..and the sweet sweet honey bun that you are, you are already crawling again.And I feel so be your mother.Soon, you’ll be walking and talking..but you’ll always be my little girl.. my baby girl. I cant imagine my life without you..I cant imagine what it was..before you came into my life..(though I know it was a good life 🙂 )
God Bless you,sweetheart..Mamma and Papa love you a lot! You are our first born..and all you do is always going to be so special for us.. every little smile,every tiny frown.. even your tiniest gestures..everything is as special as you are..
Love you,Precious..Today,tomorrow and Always..
With lots of hugs and kisses

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7 Responses to My 6 month old

  1. Kutti's Mom says:

    Awww!! So sweeet!!! Congratulations to Aadya baby!!

  2. Shobana says:

    Gugh, gugh…I am sobbing..this post was very beautifully and heartfeltly done I am sure…reminds of my own when he was that age (he is only 11months old now..but feels like a long time ago)…very nicely done…Shobana

  3. Cyber Sammy says:

    such a beautiful letter, only a mom can write such a letter. Each and every word in letter had so much love and affection. Your daughter is blessed to have you as a mother.

  4. rbdans says:

    She is 6 months already and started eating solids, wow!. She looks adorable in the pic with bib and all.BTW, I sent you an email. Look at it when you find time 🙂

  5. Timepass says:

    Lovely post.

  6. choxbox says:

    happy half birthday!

  7. Trishna says:

    Aadya says thank you!And a big welcome to Cyber Sammy and Shobhana

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