Now Presenting………………………….

Aadya’s Nanu

Sorry to keep you guys waiting.. first day was a teaser..Then I got busy..organising n reorganising.. getting rid of boxes πŸ™‚
So, finally Aadya’s Nanu is here πŸ™‚ I am just so happy and excited.. I dont even know what to write. So,my dad started on 23rd late nigt,24th early morning. The flight was late and diverted..So,he came via Manchester,UK..arriving 3 hours late at JFK airport.Luckily he managed to clear security and immigration in record time for his connecting flight to Dallas.I was on the phone constantly with him and the sister. Shed some tears with sister..coz she would be lonely..dont ask me the logic-guess its the sister thing.
DH had meetings all day..The original plan was for me to take a cab.Then he decided to attend 2 meetings by phone. And we all went to welcome My dad . He was just so excited to see Aadya. It was like.. he had eyes only for her. I was worried how she would react on being thrust into a strangers arms.. but guess what? This little darling was so cool. She looked at her Nanu.. then while DH clicked our pics..she even hugged him.. or so it looks in one of the snaps.
We got home..DH rushed back to office..Damn these clients..He waved goodbye half heartedly..wishing he could just stay back.
We came home and were just dragging the bags in when Aadya started screaming..Scaring Nanu. When my dad told me that he had booked his tickets, I used to ask DH often -how do you think he will react? and he used to say.. ohhh if she is happy.. he will be thrilled and if she is crying he would be like.. you take care of her first. Thats so typical of my dad.. no expectations.. And thats would happenned today. When aadya started crying.. the first thing dad said was-” you leave everything else.. first usko dekho!!”hahha.
Tummy filled aadya was ready to play with Nanu.. but Nanu was a little scared.. didnt want to make his precious Grandie cry.So, he opened his Jaadu ki Potli(Magic Box) and out came the cutest little kitchen set all in wood. I used to love that as a kid.. and now my daughter has the same!! in the exact same colors that I remember vividly!
Aadya was so happy to recieve the gift..she happily slipped a little closer to her nanu.a little while later,I see her trying to climb on his tummy ,which he obviously loved,promptly propping her up on him belly. She kissed and scratched and was ready to jump down. Meanwhile, I got the tea ready and we were ready to attack the bags.
It was really a Jaadu ki Potli..Gifts for Aadya..not just from Masi and Nanu..but from all the other relatives..Clothes,Clothes.. lots of Clothes.. Kitchen ware .. Spices, sweets, clothes for DH.. and Me.. And like Tharini said in her earlier post..the fun part was all the bags and boxes with the store addresses on it. And Today after almost 5 years I ate one of my favorite Treats from Rajasthan. Yes… Gifts came from everywhere..
Now, a jet-lagged Nanu, insisting again and again how he is not sleepy.. is peacefully snoring, Aadya.. is digging for more treasures..A little while back,I caught her trying to climb up on Nanu again… I leave you with some pics..Coz.. I want to dig for my treasures too!!

Here’s Aadya Fresh After a Nap to greet Nanu

Nanu and Aadya

Trying to Climb up on Nanu’s Tummy

Nanu’s Bribe worked

And more treasures

Thank you everyone for the lovely Gifts!!

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10 Responses to Surprise-2

  1. Timepass says:

    Wow, great. Naanu aa gaye.. Aadya will get pampered now…Nice pics too…

  2. Kutti's Mom says:

    Hey, that’s great!!! I can imagine how excited you guys must be. The last pic so reminded me of my parents’ visit…that’s how their room was, with the suitcases and all for atleast 2 days after they came. Aadya looks she is having fun. Enjoy the precious moments!!!

  3. AP says:

    wow – great! have loads of fun. but don’t forget to write here. aadya looks lovely.

  4. Kodi's Mom says:

    how delightful!! I have always discovered with my shy kid that he can tell family -even the ones he has never met- apart and has zero problems with them. reading about Aadya’s first reaction to your dad reminded me of that!happy treasure hunting πŸ˜€

  5. mnamma says:

    Enjoy your time with your Dad! I bet Aadya would have lot of fun with her Nanu! Cute pictures! And the kitchen set was perfect πŸ™‚

  6. Swati says:

    Lovely Pics ..Aaadya is cute as ever πŸ™‚

  7. Mona says:

    i’m pretty sure i commented on this post.dammit.:/you’re going to be sidelined now, you watch. sigh. i go through this all the time, by the way, that’s how i know..

  8. Anitha says:

    I can understand your excitement and happiness. Enjoy! Aadya is going to have lotsa fun with her Nanu.

  9. Timepass says:

    U r tagged Trishna (sorry if ive repeated this)

  10. Trishna says:

    Timepass-Thanx babe..will take it up real soon.I have so many tags pending..need to move these fingers!Kutti’s Mom-Yeah I tried to clear up his room the same day.. but didnt happen.:DAP- Ohh how can I stop writing ..Love hearing from me..always.Kodi’s mom-Isnt it amazing?I was surprised to see Aadya’s reaction too. And now she wants to sleep with her Nanu..for her naps!!How do they know..its a loved one?mnamma,Swati-Thanx..:)Mona-Ohh yeah.. that was a shocker!! well not actually. Most of his bag was full of stuff for Aadya..just 2-3 things for me!Hummpff!Anitha-Thanx for Visiting.Yes,she is getting spoiled rotten..I dunno what I will do when he leaves..coz I am getting spoiled too πŸ™‚

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