Hey Everyone,

This is Aadya..Yes Yes I know you are very happy to hear from me..but I am not the only surprise…. you have to wait to see the surprise…

Till then, let me just give you a few clues..

Residents of Aadyaland are very happy and excited.There is frenzied activity happenning here in Aadyaland. This last one week one permanent grin has been observed on Mamma’s face. Papa calling up every few hours to check on her..He says..its about me..But I am smart..All she has been doing is organising and reorganising,making plans, making calls.. And then there are hushed conversations …about how I will react to this new development..on seeing this new person…Person…Person??
What is a Person??Can somebody tell me!!!

I am beginning to get worried…

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8 Responses to Surprise!

  1. Sahithi's Mom... says:

    A lil brother/ Sister or a dog??which one is aadya getting??:):):)..Or may be grand parents visitng??

  2. Mona says:

    aww look at her…she’s crawling already huh? that’s really great…

  3. Kutti's Mom says:

    Is her grandpa visiting??? If yes, then you must be excited :).I love the expression on her face, so apt to the post 🙂

  4. Trishna says:

    hahah Sahiti’s Mom and Kutti’s mom.. wait another day for the surprise to be out!Mona.. hows u gal? how is darling Hana?Kutti’s mom.. you online now?

  5. GettingThereNow says:

    Can’t wait any longer. PLEASE don’t make us wait any more. Tell us – baby? dog? grandparents? What?WHAT?????

  6. Timepass says:

    My guess would be an India trip for u guys or some function for Aadya…

  7. Swati says:


  8. mnamma says:

    I am taking a guess and saying it is grandpa/grandma that is going to visit you! Is that right! Do let us know about the surprise please 🙂 And that is a very apt expression that she has on the photo!

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