Some more updates

Let me start listing some milestones..some silly some not so silly…
Aadya attended her first potluck party and I must say she was such a sweetheart playing happily, gurgling at anyone who smiled at her and going to anyone who wanted to pick her up.She posed happily with everyone.That day she got to dip her feet in a pool and she absolutely loved it.

This was Aadya’s First Move and her First big Road trip-3 day long and she was a great sport about being in her car-seat.The only time she fussed through out the trip was when she needed a diaper change.Otherwise, she played with her toys, talked to mumma, or napped.We took breaks every 3 hours..for her feeds.
She also got her First Sip of water and she loved it and couldnt get enough of it. Finally I had to hide her bottle. hehe If I gave her a sip of water and then, started to put the bottle away, she would grab at it with both hands and gulp furiously,wetting her t-shirt in the whole deal!
Next, on the second night of our travel, we went to a restaurant for dinner.It was at a comfortable walking distance from our hotel,so we didnt take her stroller or car seat.We decided to see if she likes sitting in a high chair.. and so we propped her up in a high chair( you guessed it) for the very First time ! And she had a ball! she enjoyed it thoroughly! She leaned forward towards the table and batted her hands to grab at whatever was in her reach!

Now Bigger and more important ones-

She tried to stand up for the First time.Yes you read it right.This was on 3rd Sept. I was packing our big bag and Aadya was sitting in my lap. slowly she slipped out and was on the floor. And the next thing I know held on to the bag and stood up.. just like that! There was a frantic rush to find the camera in all the mess.. unforunately by then she had fallen,head first..coz this adventurous gal decided to go one step forward and stand without support!And obviously she had tumbled over.

And then… September 16th.

We were unpacking. DH was in the guestroom and me in the bathroom,Aadya in her crib. She played for sometime and then got bored.. slowly the whining started..followed by loud cries. I called out to her from the bathroom.She was quiet for a little while..and then started whining again.This time I didnt reply. She was getting irritated, babbling angrily and suddenly I heard “MAMMA” so clear..I dropped whatever I was doing and ran to her.. but by then she was babbling something else. DH thinks its just my imagination..but I swear i heard her say it!:)
I know she doesnt even know what she is saying just yet.. and this is just some syllables put together in frustration.. just like her “unge”,”Naiiii”ummmmaaa”kyyaaaaaa”kaaaaaaaaa”jaaa”baaaa”…
But.. what can I say..Mamma is just too vain to not think about it 🙂

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3 Responses to Some more updates

  1. Kutti's Mom says:

    Wow, so many milestones already :), it is so much fun watching them grow, isn’t it? You guys are very adventurous, I can’t even imagine going on a 3-day trip with kutti.Way to go Aadya baby!!Hugs and kisses to u :)!Priya.

  2. Kodi's Mom says:

    this kid seems to be in a hurry! standing up, talking all at < 6m? keep camera in your pocket at all times!

  3. Swati says:

    Yep Kodi Mom said ..Keep Cam handy ..she is in a hurry :)May God bless her!

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