Here’s a list of things DH is passionate about-
DH is the biggest sports buff I know! He is crazy about cricket and formula 1 to extent of being a Fanatic!His madness is annoying sometimes, and cute at other times. He sets the alarm to wake up at ungodly hours to watch the formula1 races being telecast all over the world.Same goes for the cricket is one the most hit site on his laptop and our desktop.He logs on there religiously!And then after watching the race or the match, his mood changes depending on the result of the event. He loves having discussions about the particular event. And since I am not much of a contributor to the debate, he excitedly shares his knowledge with me..whether I want to know or not!!Showing disinterest leads to sulking and pouting.. And the man does know how to tug at my heart strings!
Another passion was the X-Box.DH had promised himself that when he lands his dream job,he’ll buy one for himself. And he did..And until 2 days back it was his proud possession.It was the first gift he treated himself to. 2 days back he upgraded it to a new PS3.. but if I know him well, the X-Box is still special.Every time we move(and we move a lot), whether he helped me with packing or not was important.. what was important was that the X-Box be packed with special care.
Work- Need I say more? My post about his hospital trip says it all.
History- He is the biggest,most intense history buff ever!! He could have easily been a historian.He knows all the dates, details of all the wars and battles, profile of each of the Roman and Greek warriors and many more..I don’t always pay attention when he starts telling me these stories..History was never my strong subject. When I was pregnant,he insisted I listen to all this.. so that his baby gets the information.When I didn’t comply,he would just get me my book, prop up my feet comfortably,and go on to whisper long lectures to my belly.
Aadya- This is without a doubt his biggest passion. He will go to any extent to keep her from crying. I remember initially when we had latching issues,Aadya would start crying every time I tried to nurse her.. and DH would get so mad – How dare I make her his baby was crying her heart out and I was experimenting with latching positions..LOL! Now I can laugh about it,then I was ready to strangle him.. but I am sure had it come to that.. he would have strangled me first! 🙂 He is a sweetie!All it takes is two failed attempts to pacify his Princess for this big confident Man to feel lost and uncomfortable in his skin!
And Last but not the least- Yours Truly… (knock on the wood) He is still the same guy who proposed marriage before seeing me. Sure he’s changed as a person, matured with the years.. but I think his love has grown ten-folds(knock on the wood,again). And if its true that one partner loves the other a tad bit more,I can confidently say, he is the one in our relationship!I still get my countless phone calls & I-Love-Yous every single day..

I Love You,Hubby Dear!

8 more days to go!

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