1 month update

SS turned a month old on April 30th . So this post is definitely late.
This last month has been wonderfully crazy. I still feel like its a dream..Specially when she is sleeping ,I sit and wonder did we really create this beautiful baby. And then she wakes up screaming bloody murder.. and I know.. Ohh yes, it is real! WE did create her.
But now, my body has adapted to less than 4 hours of sleep per night. I am still learning to sleep when she sleeps..Hopefully i will master that soon. I have shed tonnes of extra flab.. and SS is having a healthy weight gain.
We had breast feeding issues to deal with. SS was born with low blood sugar and so had to be given formula right away and since I had had a C-sec, by the time I saw her, she had already had 2 bottles. That and my inability to sit up straight or to find a position comfortable for both of us, led her to believe that bottle is the best! And so,every time I tried to nurse her, she would start crying, screaming.I would start crying and finally give her the bottle. I was even worried that she hated my breast or was scared of them!!I started expressing BM and giving it to her by bottle. For what seemed like a long time, all I was doing was feeding her, expressing,feeding her again and then expressing again!! That and ofcourse changing diapers.But we kept trying and I am proud to say that now, SS is nursing like a champ!(Just wanted to use that phrase!!) Now,You cannot measure how many ounces of BM your baby is having at every nursing session.. and so I was really worried when we went for her first month check up. But she seems to be doing great.
SS loves it when I sing to her.. or may be she doesnt have a choice..She seems to relax, when mommy starts singing..And what does mommy sing- Hindi film song, favourite english songs, nursery rhymes..Once Daddy even caught mommy singing a not-fit-for-my-baby song- Na na meri beri ke ber matt todo! The Song that SS seems to enjoy most is – Mumma’s edited version of.. tu mera dil,tu meri jaan( akele hum akele tum). I am sure its got more to do with the slow rhythm and not mumma’s singing!!
We took SS out for a walk.And I met someone from our apartment complex,walking her dogs.They are the most adorable little mutts I have ever seen. And so friendly. And she asked me, how old the baby was..When I told her 1 month old, she complimented me by saying that I looked fabulous for having delivered 1 month back.. She applauded even more when I told her it was a C-section.( Had to include this Mommy-brag)
I am a great dog lover. But ever since I became pregnant,I found myself getting aprehensive around dogs. I wouldnt be exaggerating if I said, I would be scared when some friendly mutt came close. I am so glad that phase has passed. Though it does make me wonder if SS will be scared of dogs??!!?? Oh, well! we’ll see.
Her Masi sent some lovely outfits for SS.When they arrived,they looked too big for her(SS was 2 weeks old) so i put them away. Last week I washed them for a photo session- Masi was waiting for pics.. And LO! 1 or 2 outfits already looked small! If I had waited 2 more weeks,they would have been a size too small for SS. And she is a tall girl .
Its been a great month.Looking forward to all the coming weeks, months and year.. Precious moments with our Precious little Girl!
Happy 1st month darling!

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4 Responses to 1 month update

  1. Mona says:

    aww, happy 1 month to your precious bundle! it’s so good to know that hana and i have a chance at champ nursing too..:)

  2. SM says:

    Hey how about some pics of the little treasure???I am so glad the breastfeeding turned out fine. Its so easy to give up,and resort to the bottle. But you are one hell of a mom!

  3. Moppet's Mom says:

    Congratulations! I found the first month was the hardest…it got much better from there. From your posts though, I get the feeling that you handled the first month with a lot more grace and joy than I did!

  4. Trishna says:

    Thanx Hana.. aww sweetie you gals definitely have a chance.. and remember that u are doing ur best.. Hana wants her mommy to hold her n love her..which you are doing. thats what got me thru that phase.. i had almost made my peace about bottle feeding.. n then things changed.Thanxx SM, its always a pleasure to hear from u.. i did post some pics of her..will post the latest soon.Thanx for stopping by,Moppet’s mom..and thanx for the compliments.. I have just one word ..awwww 🙂

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