Babymoon in Las Vegas!

Babymoon- I thought Honeymoons were special, but i found out babymoons are even more special. The presence of a third being, whom WE created, is what makes it so.

So, for the thanksgiving weekend, we decided to go to Las Vegas. It was a 6 hour drive and was a beautiful scenic drive. We were on this long winding road with rocks on either side . The only negative was..since it was a two lane drive , there was no way we could stop. So by the time we reached Vegas,we were badly in need of good greasy food, and a clean restroom!

But there was a bigger incentive to reach Vegas …My friend P and her new husband D. I was meeting P after almost 4 years and was really excited to catch up with her. Since it was almost dinner time, we decided to freshen up and meet them for an early dinner.

I was tired and insisted DH take the car! Big Mistake! Driving on Vegas strip when practically the whole town is out.. Big mistake. The actual drive was 5 minutes and it took us 25. And then to find parking that took even longer. Finally we parked and and were on our way to meet P& D.

We had a lovely dinner at Cesar’s palace.. I say lovely not because of the food but because of the company! We hit it off like a house on fire. It didn’t feel even for a minute that we were meeting D for the first time. P knew Sanj from our dating days. After dinner we walked the famous Vegas strip and went to see Bellagio Fountain. It was amazing.

Finally, after way past midnight, we hugged and said goodbye.It was a short reunion but a very sweet one. They had an early flight to catch and we were tired from the drive.
Next day, we spent our time and money,playing slot machines. Both of us were not great fans of gambling.In fact before going to Vegas,I was sure of not even playing the slots.I didn’t want to expose my baby to all the smoke and sinful gambling scene. But little did I know that to even reach my room from the reception,I would have to pass the slot machines. And all the colorful, musical machines were temptation enough.So, we found ourselves spots near the entrance – for a breeze of fresh air every few minutes.. and spent the day there, getting up just to eat or the oh-so-necessary restroom breaks!
That evening we went for a show called – The tournament of the Kings.It was beautifully directed and performed. They took us back to the Reign of King Arthur. It was Dinner show. Dinner was served the old fashioned way, without any cutlery.And the show ended with a big bang- a burst of firecrackers and right at that moment,I felt Baby Sunshine move for the first time. I think She must have been asleep and the loud noise must have startled her. I could feel her hysterically moving all over my belly!! That was such a sweet sensation. I tried to make DH feel, but her movements were too feeble for him to feel. And then we were back to the slot machines.Finally when my eyes were glazed out,DH decided it was time to go up to our room.
Next morning after a big breakfast, we were on our way back home. It was a lovely trip, with lots of fun.DH forgot his cellphone charger and the hotel room was not Wi-Fi enabled and so he was free to dedicate all his time to me. It was one of our best vacations.

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3 Responses to Babymoon in Las Vegas!

  1. The Mad Momma says:

    Oh enjoy these… vacations with a baby different.. fun in their own way… but everything changes.. and hey… all the best… this is the last stretch and i know how impatient one gets!

  2. Tharini says:

    Oooo we took a babymoon to Vegas too, when I was pregnant with Akhil. Brings back such memories. Glad u guys had a good time.

  3. Trishna says:

    Ohh MM, I am soo glad someone understands. This last stretch is seeming longer and longer. I feel like each day is dragging itself by its toenails!!hahaTharini,Wow!! you guys babymooned in Vegas too! Glad to refresh your memories!How are you both finding the experience of being Second time moms?

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