20 weeks-Level 2 Ultrasound.

Nov 28th, 2006
The moment the doctor mentioned going for a level 2 ultrasound, I freaked out. What was wrong with my Little baby, was I to blame somehow.. all these thoughts flooded my mind in lesser time than it would take to say Level 2 ultrasound.
My OB reassured me that it was nothing to worry about and it was routine.And she would rather send me for it now rather than wait for 2 more weeks and then if the baby didn’t cooperate again .Why worry for the rest of the weeks?
So, off we went to see the specialist for a Level 2 ultrasound.
This machine there was more sophisticated and so we got to see each and every organ in detail. Baby’s heart with all the 4 chambers, lungs, arteries, blood vessels, bladder, arms, legs, bones of the upper arm and leg, tiny feet, head, different parts of the brain..everything was so clear.I was reminded of my biology class in school.
We also saw the little one nodding as if saying yes,then, there was a distinct wave! It was really busy that day kicking all the time and trying to hold a foot with one hand, as if showing off its flexibility to mom and dad.
But all through this we still didn’t get a peek between the legs. The ultrasound tech tried to look and prod from every angle possible and more she prodded, the baby was trying to hide behind my belly button.
Finally, DH said – “OK I know its a girl.. I am sure its a girl“. I was completely baffled.. huh? what? how? do you see something that i don’t see ? And he says smiling confidently- its just my gut feeling“.
And Lo! Behold! Just then Our little angel opened up her legs ..as if to prove him rite!
“Its a Girl!!!!!” said the tech.And I just smiled at her and said.. Oh wow! OH Wow!! can you get any lamer?? DH came closer and held my hand and asked mewhat’s wrong? you are not happy?Of course I was happy.. ever since I could remember I wanted a little girl to dress her up in pretty outfits, to pamper her, to treat her like a princess. But somewhere between getting pregnant and finding out the baby’s sex, i had begun preparing myself that it could also be a boy and may be i went overboard with that. Or may it was just the certainty of knowing the gender that made me numb or should i say non-reactive. It had to sink in for me to react. But by the time we came out of the ultrasound room I was back to my normal self, filled with more excitement than ever before. I was finally having my little girl!And she was going to be precious. We decided to keep the baby’s sex a surprise for the rest of our family and keep everyone guessing.It was going to be our little secret!

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