Unexpected Road Trip

September 23rd,2006
So, we packed and shipped all our stuff to AZ and were waiting for the auto mover to come and take our car. The plan was to go to a hotel close to the airport after having lunch with some friends. We tried calling the mover but couldn’t reach him. Time was running fast, we had to vacate the apartment at 5.00 pm and still no news from the him. Finally, at around 6.00pm, seeing no other option, we decided to take a road trip from Chicago to AZ.
Sanj wasn’t too thrilled about it and was more worried as to how it will affect me and our baby. But I told him’ This is what BABA wished for us. He gave us this baby,He will take care of him/her. OM Sai Ram’.
So, after remembering Baba, we started our journey. It was a 1910.6 mile , 26hrs and 11 min. long drive. First night, we drove till St.Louis,reached at 1.00am and halted there for the night.
Next morning, we started at 9.00 am and drove the whole day with occasional stops for me to walk and stretch and of course the breaks for restrooms and food. That day we drove up till Amarillo.TX. That drive was horrible. We were on the road till around 3.00 am. There was no other car on the road, even the truckers had pulled over for the night. We didn’t even stop for dinner, as we had stocked up on snacks and fruits and water. And also since the hotel had 24 hrs room service, we decided to just reach there and then order some good food. But , as luck would have it, there was no room service at that time of the night. We just ate some snacks and went to bed.
Monday morning, we both woke up ravenous. After quick showers and checking out of the hotel, we rushed to the nearest Mc.Donald’s for breakfast. and by 11 am we were on our way to Arizona.The drive that day was fun.We were tired but still feeling fresh and excited because we knew that was our last day on the road. What made it even better was the beautiful landscape. We drove out of Texas in to New Mexico and finally into Arizona. We reached Phoenix at 9.00 pm local time, almost 50 hours after we started. It was quite an adventure,possible only by Baba’s blessings and also our determination to an extent.
End of our journey marked the beginning of a new Phase- a new place, a new home, a new life.

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