We are Having a Baby!!

Finally, it started to sink in that We are having a baby!!! We were like two teenagers in love.We kept looking at each other, with goofy grins on our faces, hugging each other every few minutes and saying aloud again and again-We are having a BABY!!
As soon as we got out of the Dr’s office,I called up my dad.. He also had to bear the brunt of my crappy mood that morning. In our excited state, we didn’t realise that it was 3 in the morning for him.He picked up the phone and the first thing i said was “Do you want to be called nanu or ajoba?” Poor dad, didn’t know what hit him. He said.. ohh I am happy with both the titles.. and then i realised that he was still dazed. I asked him to call me back when he got up. DH said.. I am sure he would think that he was dreaming. And sure enough.. There were no calls from him, after he got up. I called him back.. and he goes- did u really call me last nite? I didn’t want to call you bcoz i thought i was dreaming and didn’t want to upset u.hahhaa.. Yes Dad!! i did call you!! and then there was no stopping him! he was soo happy and excited,laughing and talking at the same time.
That day we went to the local Sai Baba Temple. Both of us truly believe that this baby is Sai Baba’s blessing for us. It was raining cats and dogs that day.. but we were like two people possessed. We just had to go see Baba that day.It was an hour long drive, made even longer by the nonstop raging rain.. but just as we were reaching the temple it stopped. Hubby said,It was Baba testing us, if we still remember him after getting our happiness.
After the temple , we went to our favorite Indo-Chinese Restaurant for dinner.. beautiful end to a beautiful day.
Thank you Baba – for our little Miracle.

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2 Responses to We are Having a Baby!!

  1. Tharini says:

    That’s a ;lovely story Trishna. I feel touched. We love and believe in Baba too, which is why our little one is named Sathya. All this is making for great reading. Keep going. 🙂

  2. Trishna says:

    Thanx Tara, Your words Really encourage me a lot. and I hope you realised from my title description that I got inspired to do this after reading YOUR blog!And yes I remember,you naming Sathya after Baba!

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