I have good news for you!

Ever since I can remember, I have wanted a baby. Even as a little girl, I was so attracted to babies, wanting to hold them, care for them.So,having a baby soon after marriage seemed like the most natural thing to do. But, things were not meant to be so easy. After a year of trying to get pregnant and no success, we found out that I had a condition called Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome, which seems to affect women in the childbearing age group. I was lucky enough to find a great doctor, who put me on the right treatment and then began our anticipation …Am I ? Am I not? Am I?
So, on August 18,2006, when I went to see my doctor for a regular visit ,scheduled because I had a low progesterone level..we were in for a surprise. The events preceding the visit were crazy. I was in a bad bad teary mood. I had not slept for the last 5 nites or days. I was just sooo tired and feeling crappy to the core. Hubby was stuck up at work. I had an appointment at 3.00 and hubby called up to say that he was not going to make it. So, either I take a cab or postpone it. I didn’t want to do that. Given my previous crappy state of mind, I didn’t want to understand any of his problems. And then the nurse called up to tell me that if I wanted to see my doctor ,I should reach her office by 12.00 coz she had to go away for some emergency. I called up hubby again, another argument followed and finally looking at my teary state, he decided to come and work from home for the rest of the day!So, We managed to reach the Dr.’s office at exactly 12.02. My Doc wanted to do a urine test before examining me. and Guess what? I couldn’t pee in the cup! After drinking 3 glasses of water and the nurses repetitively urging me.. i managed to give them a sample. And 5 mins later the doc came in and Said..
I have good news for u!! and We were stunned!! I still thought she was talking about the progesterone level and Said.. ohh u are kidding!!! she laughed and said.I am afraid not!!!
So, That’s how we got OUR Good News!

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