My Very First Post!

Here’s my very first post for my very first Blog.
And as I sit here, trying to write something, my mind fails to help me. My thoughts seem to have abandoned me. And all those ideas which I thought would come pouring out of my mind, on to the screen, are all gone!!!
I will start with telling you- I am at a beautiful stage in my life.. Standing on the brink of motherhood..I cant wait to hold my lil bundle of Love, who’ll be here with us in just about 6 weeks.When I found out that I am pregnant.. or even before I got pregnant,I had decided to document my pregnancy.When I found out that I am pregnant,I kept thinking -“OH I have so many months to do that.. there’s still time”.. and now i realise that the time has just slipped out of my hands.. and here i am struggling to put all my feelings, all my emotions in words.. and I thought I was good with words!OH Well,That is Life.. Or is it the Hormones???

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8 Responses to My Very First Post!

  1. Tharini says:

    Hi…Great start! Am very glad you did it. You’re going to have sooo much fun with just you wait and see.And those words that seem stuck will let loose and flow as you keep writing. So keep at it, practice makes perfect.I had the a similar kind of block, when i STARTED. And the way I write now and then way I wrote then has undergone such a metamorphosis.Treat this blog like your baby…tend to it with love and it will give you such fulfilment.Now blog away!Congratulations!

  2. Swaram says:

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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